experience the fresh and piquant flavors of south american delicacies at tono, the first authentic peruvian restaurant to open its doors in singapore and asia. under the culinary brilliance of one of singapore’s top female chefs, head chef tamara chavez, the menu features many bold and multi-flavored dishes of peru, a country known for its generous and open-hearted spirit. tono’s logo, a cheerful, turquoise-colored dancing fish with scales shaped like hearts is a clear giveaway of its star culinary delight; the ceviche. chef tamara's menu utilises indigenous ingredients that are fresh, bright, and bold such as chili, maracas, and salsa, which are the cornerstones of peruvian cuisine. with a kitchen driven by a talented team of culinarians there’s no better way to experience authentic peruvian cuisine than at tono cevicheria.


tono cevicheria offers patrons three dining options:

- a la carte

- delivery

- weekend latin american brunch

they’ve also got a heady signature peruvian cocktail, pisco sour and a wine menu to tantalise your appetite. with salsa beats illuminating the background, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable evening.

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