it starts with an idea. then a strategy is produced. then a campaign wrapped around that and finally execution.

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super tuna weekend

another amazing campaign with the boys at bar-roque built around their regular tuna offer. import a whole tuna on a friday and dish out over 10 specialities created by chef stephane.

sushi jiro

i've done many campaigns for sushi jiro over the years and in this one i'm featuring what we did to rebrand a 20 year old japanese diner in the east into a fine dining japanese restaurant relocated in 5 star premises.

hello, autumn

autumn at lolla is like every season one can experience there, soul satisfying. chef johanne siy's first seasonal debut here was just uplifting. she is a joy to work with and her creations just as fulfilling. 


this heritage brand has been around for 49 years. i interviewed master chef lieu

tean heong in a short video for social media and in-house monitors release. 


this was a simple and straightforward campaign, showcase the omakase experience through point of view. the iphone 11 proved to be very impressive.

malaysia boleh

this was a 3 month project to create awareness, shoot videos and pictures for malaysia boleh's staff and dishes at their east point outlet. i worked with the outlet brand manager in auditing new offers and dishes.