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bar-roque grill is a modern french restaurant that celebrates the classic dishes of alsace, france. the restaurant’s name is an intentional wordplay of ‘baroque’-an era famed for music, food and ornate style of decorating.


it celebrates the indulgences of french cuisine, while drawing inspiration from the theatrical and lavish banquets celebrated by the nobility during the extravagant baroque period.


chef istel’s culinary journey

chef istel’s culinary adventures started at the age of 15. he learned to cook many classic dishes under his mother’s tutelage.chef stephane took his first professional steps with his “maitre cuisinier de france”, michel royer, on the french riviera. he later joined marc veyrat at his 3 michelin-starred l’auberge de l’eridan. this french culinary voyage helped sharpen istel’s palate and cooking instincts. it also helped hone his skills and mastery for the craft of charcuterie and butchering.

a few years later, he left france to work under daniel boulud at db bistro modern in new york. it was under boulud’s guidance that chef stephane embraced the principles of seasonality and ingredient-driven cuisine. after spending two years in new york, chef stephane headed the opening of db moderne in vancouver, british columbia in canada. chef stephane's extraordinary international culinary career and experience motivated him to embark on a new chapter in his life with the opening of bar-roque grill.

nicolas schwarz - simply amazing!


nicolas schwarz is the general manager and co-owner of bar-roque grill; also the twin face of bar-roque. he is synonymous with bar-roque bar; you can't think of one without the other coming to mind.


nicolas is also bar-roque's resident sommelier and is a true-blue chameleon when he's in his element hosting guests. he is as much a ladies man as he is one of the boys.


his career has seen him host some of the world's best known celebrities and he brings this skill and his charm to every table in bar-roque.

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restaurant’s cuisine and alsatian influence

the menu at bar-roque grill pays homage to chef stephane’s alsatian roots and culinary inspirations. his artisanal craft celebrates many french classics and the fine art of aging and curing meat. on the menu, guests can expect alsatian delights like tarte flambé and iconic specials like choucroute and also treat themselves to the finest charcuterie available on this island. house-made specialties like cured sausage, meats and fowl lay beautifully on platters together with classic favourites pate en croute, foie grass terrine and rilette.

bar-roque is BIG on beef, especially dry-aged fare. chef stephane's obsession with getting the right meats, aged and prepared the right way is just passionate. expect a range of cuts from ribeye to tomahawks prepared in traditional and delightful ways like aged sake, whisky and foie gras butter to name a few. the beef is mainly grass-fed and from sustainable farms with an occasional wagyu guest-starring. 

sunday brunch​

served between 11am and 3pm every week, the sunday brunch also known as the beef gourmand brunch (a pun on their 3 year running bib gourmand awards) at bar-roque grill, is a feast for the senses. the menu feels like a celebratory one with communal and beef platters taking centre stage accompanied by an entourage of brunch favourites like a selection of eggs benedict with house-made ham and sausages, burgers and sandwiches. 

for the purists, classic eggs and toast are served in any manner you desire with sides like smoked salmon or broccoli, white ham, sausage, or bacon. if sandwiches and burgers are more akin to your tastes, then do try their croque monsieur or regular favourite pulled pork burger.


sweet and savoury french favourite like magdalenes, french toast and waffles provide a nice finish. no french culinary experience would be complete without a roquetail- a selection of cocktails and mocktails to complement your special sunday brunch. and of course, champagne. 

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